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Take charge of your pelvic health


As women, we deal with many issues, particularly as our bodies change over time.  Pelvic floor challenges can range from annoying, to completely disrupting our lives.  These include PMS, urinary incontinence, intimate issues, pelvic pain, urinary tract infections, menopausal issues just to name a few.  Many of these challenges can be related to weakening of our pelvic floor muscles, as well as chronic spasms in these muscles.

Men often never realize the scope of these issues, because they don’t experience them.

Unfortunately, many of us have been brought up to be embarrassed talking about these areas.  So when we have challenges, we hesitate to talk about it with our partners and health care providers.  As a result, we suffer in silence.  We often forget that to be able to take care of others, we have to take care of ourselves as well.

What would your life be like if you could improve these pelvic floor issues?  How would you feel if you also had a healthy way to relax, sleep better, and get back in sync with your body’s natural rhythm?  What would your life be like if you weren’t embarrassed talking about these, and other intimate issues with your partner, and your doctor? 



Are you willing to commit 30 days – to take charge of your pelvic health and regain balance?

Then we invite you to join the 30 Day hi® Challenge risk-free.


What is the 30 Day hi® Challenge?

The 30 Day hi® Challenge is the hi® massage system, plus a special online training program.  The course includes weekly live online training sessions, plus a support community to answer questions.  The program takes a holistic approach to address multiple areas.

The goals of the 30 Day hi® Challenge are to:
(1) Teach you how to use hi® to relax and tone your pelvic floor muscles
(2) Show you easy, practical ways to reduce stress, sleep better, and improve your quality of life
(3) Help you become more confident in expressing your needs.

It’s divided into 4 weeks.
Week 1 – Learn about hi® and how to use it for pelvic health and relaxation.  Practice the routine ~6 minutes per day, and continue practicing throughout the course.

Week 2 – Learn and practice powerful relaxation techniques that you can use any time, plus ways sleep better at night.

Week 3 – Learn and practice easy, but powerful ways to get your body’s natural rhythms in sync.  Plus learn additional hi® techniques for self-care.

Week 4 – Explore how women’s health areas have many double standards, both for society, and ourselves.  Practice ways you can become more confident in talking with your partner, and your health care provider.

Celebrate online at the group Graduation Party!  

Our goal is for you to make new friends here as well.  Different women have had different experiences in life, together we have a great deal of wisdom we can share with each other.


How much time does this program take?
It’s designed so it can be worked into even the busiest of schedules.  Each online class segment is typically less than 5 minutes, and you can listen or watch it.  The weekly live sessions are 30 min.  It takes roughly 6 minutes for your Daily practice using your hi®.


What conditions can hi® potentially help with?

We want to be very clear that hi® is being sold as a consumer wellness product, and we are not making any medical claims. We have many studies in the queue, including possible benefits for stress-based urinary incontinence, PMS pain, menopausal issues, and chronic urinary tract infections.  But again, we can’t make any medical claims currently.  You can read links we have explaining the rationale for how hi® may benefit the following areas:


This is based on over 10 years of observations of people using hi®.  Once we have independent clinical trials we will be able to say more. 



Try the 30 Day hi® Challenge risk-free!

Our goal here is to help as many women as possible.  That’s why we’re offering the hi® system, plus the training program for just $199.95  It’s normally $349.95 for the hi® system alone.

If you complete the program and don’t feel it’s made a positive improvement in your life, you can send it back after 40 days of your purchase and get a full refund.  You just pay return shipping. 

Why do you have to participate in the training for this 100% guarantee?  Because we want to make sure you use hi® properly, and discover these easy, highly effective ways to improve your wellbeing.  Our mission is to truly help you improve your quality of life and benefit from these new skills.


What if I don’t complete the online program?  Can I return it?

You can return the unopened package to us within 30 days of your purchase we’ll provide a 100% refund.  You pay the return shipping.

If you open the package but decide you aren’t committed to completing the training course, you can still return the hi® system within 60 days of your purchase and get a refund minus a 20% recycling fee.  You pay the return shipping.



We’re committed to providing you with a solution that will enhance your quality of life, at a huge savings
The training course alone is regularly $1200.  When you add that to the normal $349.95 price of the hi® system, you’re getting a value of over $1,599.95  – all for $199.95 with a no-risk guarantee.

Plus there’s a 6-month interest-free payment program where you pay just $33.33 per month.

So the question is how important is your health and quality of life?  Is it worth $199.95?


Would spending a few minutes per day using hi® and $33.33 a month be worth it to you?




Are there any reasons I shouldn’t take the 30 Day hi® Challenge?

For the majority of women, it’s a wonderful way to relax and improve their pelvic health. However, we always believe in safety first.  hi® provides a very vigorous massage, so please check with your health care provider before taking the program if you have any of the following conditions:

  • You are pregnant or think you might be pregnant
  • Have had pelvic mesh implant surgery
  • Have had any surgery, particularly in your pelvic or abdominal region within a year.
  • Endometriosis
  • Any type of cancer
  • Any type of bleeding or bruising disorder
  • High blood pressure
  • Or any other condition where receiving a vigorous massage to pelvic muscles wouldn’t be good.

If you are currently seeing a health care provider about your situation, please refer them to us and we can better explain the benefits.  That way they can help you make the best decision.


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