Introducing the

hi® Massager

The hi® personal wellness system is a highly effective way to help women, men and couples  relax  – and supercharge their intimate health.

Intimate health


hi® offers a revolutionary, patented method that helps women relax and achieve new levels of intimate wellness.

Erectile Dysfunction*, Relaxation, Stress relief


hi® Offers a non-medical unique natural approach to ED, as well as ways to take care of your partner as you work on your wellness.

Connect in new ways & respark intimacy


Daily stress takes it’s toll on our intimate lives.  hi® provides a way to both relax and take care of each others needs.

hi® offers new ways to relax and reduce pain


hi® provides powerful, deeply relaxing abdominal and pelvic massage.  Most women don’t realize how much this  can help them relax in a variety of situations.

Experience relaxation and massage - anytime


Many people feel like they’ve had an hour long full body massage, after just 15 minutes of a hi® massage.  Learn special ways to optimize this experience.

Discover an amazingly fast way to recover


Working out & sports reduce stress, but can leave us sore.  Experience a new kind of deep tissue massage with hi®.




“Vibratory stimulation has been approved by the FDA and is well established to help with certain types of male erectile dysfunction…  Comparable and higher stimulation settings can be achieved with the hi® massager – so I think it has a lot of benefits for patients with male erectile dysfunction.” *


Dr. Clyde Corey, MD


Amazing product – I was able to use it with my street clothes on for them to show me. . .  Umm – yeah – it’s amazing!  Yes I had an orgasm right then and there (or several of them).


Cat & Rick


“That was absolutely AMAZING.  I’d earlier had a hysterectomy so things were kind of numb down there – and now – things are working just fine.”





“I find that it helps relieve the pressure on the muscles – and it allows me a significant different in my being able to get mobility with my right leg.  So I just wanted to put in a good word for the hi® massager – it does a great job and I’m well pleased with it.”




“My experience today is that this (the hi® massager) is very, very, helpful.”



Dr. John Kamp, MD


“In an intimate encounter, I would recommend both people use it on each other.”


Kelly Rees, Clinical Sexologist


hi® is for people who are serious about taking care of their partner’s needs – and their own.

hi® is more than a personal massager.  Our goal is to empower you with techniques and tools that will profoundly improve your quality of life. 

This includes the hi® personal wellness system, online training with monthly live webinars, and our private training community.  Training programs teach a variety of skills for couples and individuals.  Plus specialized programs for helping women use hi® for their own self-care.  You don’t just get hi®, you receive access to thousands of dollars worth of training.

We guide you step by step to learn skills that you’ll use for a lifetime.  Through our community, you can ask questions, talk with instructors and discuss techniques with other members.

Many resorts and wellness locations also offer optional live training events.

So what is hi®?

It begins with the hi® personal wellness system: (we’ll cover the training programs next)

hi® is a professional grade full body massager that is similar in quality and power to much more expensive tools used by therapists. 

hi®  can be used for men and women for an amazing massage.  Our training programs show you easy ways to use hi® for giving – and receiving – amazing and experiences.

What makes hi® unique is that it is designed specifically to target women’s pelvic muscles in a unique patented way.  This also works through clothing (or feminine napkins). Women can use hi® to help relax during a variety of challenges they deal with, as well as for intimate needs.

hi® is powered by a wall outlet, not a battery.

This important distinction gives hi® orders of magnitude more power than small battery-powered toy massagers. 

Plus it allows you to start with full body massage, and continue to more intimate areas without worrying the battery will run out. The last thing you want is having to stop right before your partner’s needs are taken care of.  hi® comes with both US and European style power cables. So you can take hi® with you when you travel.

hi® comes with 3 styles of percussive headcovers.  This provides a variety of different experiences and sensations.

The headcovers can increase or decrease the intensity, plus an oval headcover for special men’s techniques.

hi® includes a durable, stylish, padded carrying case to hold everything.

Why is hi® is shaped like it is, and why is it so big?

hi® is designed to target 5 different intimate areas on women’s bodies simultaneously – with more power than anything on the market.  To reach all these areas, hi® has to be this size.  This allows stimlulation from multiple nerve paths simultaneously.  The combination of adjustable vibration and percussion stimulates nerves in 4 different frequency ranges.  Other products typically stimulate one nerve, at one frequency.

Don’t worry if this diagram seems complicated, learning how to use hi® is like riding a bicycle – once you learn how it’s easy and a lot of fun


hi® is far more powerful than most “toys”, and it also makes more noise. 

Comparing hi® to tiny battery-powered toys is like comparing a Harley Davidson to a moped.  If you are sensitive to sound like a very very strong magic wand, hi® may not be for you.  But you’ll be missing out on a unique experience.

hi® training:

The online hi® training programs teach you far more than just using hi® for massage.  These programs are the result of a decade of working with several thousand women and couples.  Over this time we found that by learning just a few simple skills, most people can dramatically improve their relationships and sex lives.

These skills are taught in an easy to learn format you can follow at your own pace.  Training is enhanced by periodic live online Question & Answer seminars. 

Beginning in 2020, as well as the online training we provide a weekly lesson summary you can listen to while driving or at other times.  We know how busy everyone’s schedule is so this provides a way to fit the training into your schedule. 

Plus you can join the community with an anonymous account name.  This allows members the opportunity to ask questions and participate in discussions they might normally be embarrassed to ask.

Programs are broken down into 6 categories:

The Fundamentals


Physical touch and techniques

Accepting our bodies, ourselves, and our partner

Expanding your horizons

Health & Wellness = Sexual wellness

A growing number of locations are offering live training classes in a variety of wellness and intimacy areas as well.  Visit our website for locations and schedules.



Free Delivery

Free shipping in the USA. International shipping available.

Secure Payment

Pay via Credit Card or Paypal using our secure transaction system.

Founded by Clinical Sexologists

hi® (Women and Couples Wellness) was founded by clinical sexologists Dr. Steve & Dr. Wendy McGough.  Over the last 10 years they have worked with thousands of couples developing  hi®.

Confidential Support

Once you purchase hi® we'll send you access to our private social network (on mewe.com). You can create a private account and then ask clinical sexologists questions confidentially.

Pay interest free over 6 months

For less than $42 per month (via PayPal Credit) you can enjoy the benefits of hi® massager.

Supercharge your Intimate Life

hi® purchase includes 12 months access to revolutionary online training that can help couples take their connection and intimacy to a new level.



Learn the new techniques for relaxation and intimacy with regular updates from our newsletter!

*Medical Disclaimer


Please note that the hi® massager is solely for relaxation and wellness purposes. It is a unique patented combination of massage devices that have been used by the public for decades. hi®  has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. No medical claims are being made. The hi® massager, and or any any statements made by this site as well as any associated video, audio, or written content therein, are not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any disease. hi®  and its related training programs are not intended as medical advice, or to replace the guidance from a qualified health care professional. This site and all associated content, and products are intended to help share knowledge about wellness and relaxation approaches. Visitors and customers with any medical or health related concerns are encouraged contact a qualified health care professional.

The method and related devices used by “hi” are patented in the United States, and patent pending in Australia, Canada and the European Union.

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